Schiller Park in German Village

Schiller Park in German Village Columbus, Ohio

This 23-acre park has been the heart of German Village for more than 140 years. As long ago as the mid-1800s horse-drawn carriages loaded with families on picnic outings rode south of the city border to what was then called Stewart’s Grove. In 1867 the city of Columbus purchased the 23 acres of woodland and renamed it City Park. In the 1870s a zoological garden featuring an eagle, swans, buffalo, bears, foxes and wolves was set in the Southwest corner of the park.

Later a fountain was built and a lake excavated. In 1891, a stunning bronze statue of the famous German poet Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller (1788–1805)was donated to the citizens of Columbus by German-born residents as a tribute to their heritage. The park got its present name in 1905, the 100th anniversary of Schiller’s death. WWI hostilities caused the renaming of the park to Washington Park. In 1930 it regained the name Schiller Park. As German Village grew the park became the location for Oktoberfest, family reunions, Saengerfest, The Ohio State Fair and various holiday celebrations.

Today the park continues to serve as the centerpiece of community life with public garden tours, festivals, tennis and basketball courts, playgrounds, the work of  The Actors’ Theatre, dog walkers, birding and a recently renovated recreation center. Only .2 mi from the Guest House and only a stone’s throw from the Whittier Suites.