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This blog by John Pribble, owner of German Village Guest House and the Whittier Suites, is packed with useful information about German Village historical neighborhood near downtown Columbus Ohio.

German Village History is So Interesting

German Village History Isolated by language and social traditions, the Columbus Germans of the 19th-century were a self-contained group. As their numbers increased, German names became identified with publishing, industry, education and religion activities in the city. The German Lutherans were particularly active in the field of education, founding Capital University. However the real heart of the South End were the families of the workingman ~ the brewery workers, carpenters, brick and stonemasons. This group built the compact brick houses with small gardens and grape arbors. The community thrived through the end of the 19th- and into the 20th-century, until the threat of war with Germany. During the years of WWI life was traumatic for German Americans in South Columbus, as they were quickly caught in a bitter crossfire of propaganda and patriotism. Overnight, everything German was denounced. Study of German in Columbus public schools was first restricted and later… Read more »

German Village Tours

German Village Tours These guided group tours sponsored by the German Village Society provide the most comprehensive overview of the history and restoration of German Village. Volunteer tour guides trained to explain the history, humor, and humanity of the community will lead your group through the brick streets of the area. All tours begin at the German Village Meeting Haus. Call 614 221 8888 or email for more information.

Schiller Park in German Village

Schiller Park in German Village Columbus, Ohio This 23-acre park has been the heart of German Village for more than 140 years. As long ago as the mid-1800s horse-drawn carriages loaded with families on picnic outings rode south of the city border to what was then called Stewart’s Grove. In 1867 the city of Columbus purchased the 23 acres of woodland and renamed it City Park. In the 1870s a zoological garden featuring an eagle, swans, buffalo, bears, foxes and wolves was set in the Southwest corner of the park. Later a fountain was built and a lake excavated. In 1891, a stunning bronze statue of the famous German poet Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller (1788–1805)was donated to the citizens of Columbus by German-born residents as a tribute to their heritage. The park got its present name in 1905, the 100th anniversary of Schiller’s death. WWI hostilities caused the renaming… Read more »

German Village Society Preserves Neighborhood’s Charm

The German Village Society The challenge of preserving the architectural heritage of German Village is the principal concern of the German Village Society, the non-profit educational organization founded by Frank Fetch in 1960. This organization has been instrumental in retaining the character and distinction of the past, while creating a thriving and vital community. The Society has a Meeting Haus that serves as town hall and event venue; a visitors’ center; a web site; a Calendar of Events; and a range of programs that distinguishes them as the most active of civic association in the state of Ohio. Twingubellitea An abandoned, trash-strewn lot has been turned into a flower-filled neighborhood pocket-park and renamed in honor of Frank Fetch. It is planted and maintained entirely with neighborhood funds and volunteer efforts. The German Village Commission was created by the City of Columbus in July 1960 as a means of protecting and controlling the… Read more »


German Village Travel Guide ~ Shop, Dine and Stroll Historic Neighborhood. Welcome to German Village, one of the most storied urban neighborhoods in the US. Modern lifestyles contrast with brick streets and preserved buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places. German Village is not just preserved architecture from the 1800s, it more than 130 years of the stories of local people, families and businesses. Character lives on and you’ll find it here. See TripAdvisor reviews of German Village • German Village has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1974. • The New York Post listed German Village and Columbus among the Top 5 Travel Spots in the world in 2007. • Travel site lists German Village as a Top 3 “Fodor’s Choice” pick. • We are a 2011 designee as one of the country’s 10 Great Neighborhoods, recognized by the American Planning Association…. Read more »