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Time for Spring Flowers in German Village ~

Ahhh. I can just start to feel spring. With less than a week to go before the official Equinox, Daffodils and Tulips are just sprouting, there's an abundance of birds at the feeder and Cookie is particularly scruffy as she rids herself of multiple coats. We often see tufts of her fur in the newer nests around the garden - Except for the Mourning Doves, who must be the engineering school dropouts of the bird world. Here's a pic of the first flowers I've seen in our garden. I should know what they're called, but I don't. In another week or two all the fruit trees lining the streets in the Village will be abloom with tiny pastel flowers -- I don't think Washington DCs Cherry Trees have a thing on us (having been through there once this time of year on a wayward college road trip). It's pretty spectacular here, looking a lot like a fresh snowfall in many ways but with better temperatures and longer days! Time to throw open some windows and blow out the cobwebs in my office.

First signs of color in the Guest House Garden

First signs of color in the Guest House Garden

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